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Construction Management

Our goal is to streamline the design, building, operation and maintenance of construction projects by providing a solid management foundation in which contractors and sub-contractors can share information and coordinate activities.

  • Clear objective

  • Optimized allocation

  • Integration of inputs

  • Effective budgeting

  • Efficient time management


With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry and a growing network of skilled professionals and suppliers, we achieve quality work on budget and on schedule.

Construction Project



One Call For All Your Service Needs


We provide retail and commercial outlets with unparalleled service solutions ensuring we have qualified service professionals on the job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.




24/7 Coverage With 4 Levels of Support:


CODE RED - response time within 2 - 4 hours


EMERGENCY - response time within 24 hours


RUSH - response time within 24 - 48 hours


STANDARD - response time within 2 - 4 days

Construction Worker

Integrated Construction

We offer a wide range of construction services such as full-service construction and maintenance, renovations, road repair, network installation and much more.

From new construction to standard retail renovation we tackle each project, large or small, with the same level of determination and precision. With a growing network of skilled trades and resources, our ability to deliver exemplary work on a consistent basis is never compromised.

Reducing the costs of general contracting for our customers without sacrificing quality has been the key to CAPCON integrated construction. We are able to reduce costs because we have one of the broadest networks of construction experts in Canada, a reputation for stellar service and relationships with building suppliers which helps us leverage better prices for our customers.

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